Gary Johnson - Live FreeLibertarian candidate Gary Johnson has become the second U.S. presidential candidate accepting bitcoin for his “Fair Debates” lawsuit against the official presidential debates’ two-party monopoly.

Fair Debates is a website created by Johnson’s team to help fund a lawsuit against the CPD and FCC for barring potential third party competitors. Users visiting the website can donate to the project with bitcoin. The digital currency is prominently displayed as the donation of choice. The website reads:

Now you can use Bitcoin to help us change the game! — A publicity campaign to let ALL the people know: the ‘official debates’ have been monopolized by the two parties who have exclusively occupied the stage for the past twenty years.

The Fair Debates initiative is an attempt to free up the electoral process from being monopolized by the two-party system with the help of bitcoin donations, which Johnson believes will give the lawsuit more traction. “I look at it [Bitcoin] as the Visa card of the future,” Johnson told the DailyDot after his speech at LibertyFest.

But while Johnson has been vocal about the currency, he admits he isn’t very knowledgeable on the topic. Last year on a reddit AMA post Johnson stated:

I wish I were more versed on it — I wish I understood it better, but I’m to the point now where I’m actually going to put some money into it to try it based on what I understand about it.

Johnson is a former governor of New Mexico who ran for president in 2011 as a Republican before… Continue Reading at Source: (Cointelegraph)

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