Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

Business Summary

Q2 2020

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Cannabis Sativa, Inc.’s burgeoning telehealth subsidiary PrestoDoctor services medical marijuana patients safely in these times of pandemic by offering a proprietary telemedicine portal providing cannabis patients easy and confidential access and education via an online appointment with a licensed medical doctor from the shelter of their home; subsidiary GK Manufacturing & Packaging enables business- es needing a reliable, industry experienced contract manufacturer to blend, produce and fulfill white label CBD infused products, at the same time giving Cannabis Sativa brands an in-house solution.





David Tobias
President, CEO, Chairman & Director

Brad E. Herr
CFO & Director

Cathy Carroll
Treasurer & Director

Trevor Reed

Robert Tankson


Jerry Cornwell


Patrick Bilton

Elias Tobias
Webmaster, Marketing & Digital Ops

Peter Nagy
Project Manager, Digital Ops





GK Manufacturing
hi Brands
Wild Earth Naturals
White Rabbit
Virgin Mary Jane





Our main operations run through our 51% owned telehealth subsidiary PrestoDoctor, offering a proprietary online telemedicine platform providing customer access to physicians to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation, currently servicing California, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Missouri and Pennsylvania, and actively targeting expansion into multiple additional states.

PrestoDoctor uses secure video conferencing technology ( to provide a safe and confidential forum for the doctor/patient interview in accordance with state regulations governing issuance of medical marijuana cards. Appointments are generally completed in 10-15 minutes and can be scheduled and completed in the same day, eliminating the need for patients to travel to a clinic, timely in this pandemic. Tens of thousands of patients have received valid medical marijuana recommendations from PrestoDoctor. Reviews of PrestoDoctor customers are available at Trustspot and Facebook. PrestoDoctor is the #1 rated online medical marijuana doctor.


GK Manufacturing



Early in 2020, we completed the acquisition of manufacturing equipment, licenses, and personnel to commence operations as a contract manufacturer of products containing hemp-based CBD.

Our 51% owned subsidiary, GK Manufacturing and Packaging, Inc. recently signed a lease for a 16,000 facility in Anaheim, California, and is now setting up its manufacturing lines and commencing operations out of the new facility, allowing GKMP to attract new and higher volume customers for its contract manufacturing capabilities which include packaging design, printing, label design, product formulation, mixing, bottling, etc.

GK principals formerly operated Ganja Juice dispensary in Orange County, CA.


hi Brands



Premium CBD & THC products for your healthy life. Only pure sourced, all-natural ingredients go into our Hemp, CBD and THC infused products.





Search For All Things Cannabis with iBudtender.

Patients can find cannabis medication based on their needs and preferences and medicate safely knowing exactly what is in their medicine and how to use it properly and safely.

Our one-of-a-kind system connects patients, dispensaries, businesses and providers together not just socially, but commercially and personally as well. The same product a provider adds to our system can be found and shared by patients, doctors, advocates and investors as well as added to dispensary menus creating a cycle of knowledge and awareness.

We want to help make the medical cannabis industry a safer one for all to benefit from and grow upon.


Wild Earth Naturals



Wild Earth Naturals develops, manufactures and sells herbal based skin care products in the United States.

WEN offers: a deep-penetrating healing balm that reduces pain and inflammation for sore muscles, joints, arthritis and back pain; a cream that can be used for infusion of cannabinoids and THC; an antioxidant and moisturizing cream for the face; a moisturizing body lotion; and an emollient balm.





Novel Strain ‘Ecuadorian Sativa’ aka “CTA”

a Cannabis-Based Pharmaceutical Composition
for the treatment of hypertensive disorders by
submucosal delivery and trade secret formulas
and processes


Ecuadorian Sativa



Patent PP27,475 – Cannabis plant named ‘Ecuadorian Sativa’- aka ‘CTA’.

Unique herbaceous annual ‘Cannabis sativa’ female plants, having numerous glandular flowers in a congested and elongated inflorescence, hollow stems a characteristic of the fiber-producing strains of ‘Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa’ but absent in strains of ‘Cannabis sativa ssp. indica.’

The plants are intoxicating, characteristic of ‘Cannabis sativa, ssp. indica’, but absent in subspecies sativa. The new strain has energizing and motivating psychoactive effects as opposed to the lethargy normally associated with ssp. indica and show hypotensive effects.

Morphologically, the plants have a few branched hairs on the stem that are not characteristic of the species, but are ordinary in most other respects.


Cannabis Lozenge



Cannabis Sativa Inc Patented Lozenge

Patent 10105343 – Cannabis based compositions and methods of treating hypertension.

The invention relates to a Cannabis-based pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of hypertensive disorders by submucosal delivery comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable base and an effective amount of at least one cannabinoid or endocannabinoid containing extract of a cloned hybrid of the plant Cannabis sativa, subspecies sativa and Cannabis sativa, subspecies indica of the CTSX-ISS lineage; and methods of treatment of primary and secondary hypertension, the secondary hypertension resulting from pheochromocytoma, primary hyperaldosteronism, adrenal hyperplasia, pulmonary hypertension, portal hypertension, folate deficiency hypertension, arterial hypertension or familial hypertension by administration between one and eight times per day.