Senator Mike Gravel, former CEO of Cannabis Sativa who in his own words “brought judgment to the table based upon experience and accomplishment” has died in the family home in California. “Senator Gravel’s wealth of experience with public policies, politics and private business made him the best candidate for CEO, and helped ­­­­­­­­­­­­­CBDS and the entire cannabis sector’s efforts to overcome federal criminalization policies”, said CEO David Tobias. “His stature as a noted politician demanded a response”.

Although best known for filibustering the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record and contributing to the end to the military draft and Vietnam War, Senator Gravel was an outspoken opponent of Nixon’s war on drugs. “Mike continued breaking barriers when joining our team” said Tobias. “The stigma of being a cannabis company had not been overcome at that time, and it took courage. Mike was a resolute advocate of personal freedom and cannabis legalization. His final book, The Failure of Representative Democracy and the Solution: A Legislature of The People, (2021) is a roadmap for Direct Democracy and a better future. Here’s to Mike Gravel and his everlasting memory”.

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