CBDS Operations

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. business operations are focused in three divisions, telemedicine, contract manufacturing, and brand development and marketing of products and services in the CBD and marijuana industries.


Our main operations run through our 51% owned telehealth subsidiary PrestoDoctor, offering a proprietary online telemedicine platform providing customer access to physicians to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation, currently servicing California, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Missouri and Pennsylvania, and actively targeting expansion into multiple additional states. PrestoDoctor uses secure video conferencing technology (https://prestodoctor.com) to provide a safe and confidential forum for the doctor/patient interview in accordance with state regulations governing issuance of medical marijuana cards. Appointments are generally completed in 10-15 minutes and can be scheduled and completed in the same day, eliminating the need for patients to travel to a clinic, timely in this pandemic. Tens of thousands of patients have received valid medical marijuana recommendations from PrestoDoctor. Reviews of PrestoDoctor customers are available at Trustspot and Facebook. PrestoDoctor is the #1 rated online medical marijuana doctor.


Early in 2020, we completed the acquisition of manufacturing equipment, licenses, and personnel to commence operations as a contract manufacturer of products containing hemp-based CBD.  Our 51% owned subsidiary, GK Manufacturing and Packaging, Inc. recently signed a lease for a 16,000 facility in Anaheim, California, and is now setting up its manufacturing lines and commencing operations out of the new facility, allowing GKMP to attract new and higher volume customers for its contract manufacturing capabilities which include e packaging design, printing, label design, product formulation, mixing, bottling, etc. GK principals formerly operated Ganja Juice dispensary in Orange County, CA.


We have been developing proprietary software, and an application (the “iBudtender App”) focused on sharing information between cannabis products, patients and businesses. iBudtender’s software has been designed to help cannabis patients find cannabis products that are right for them via patient reviews, to provide nutritional information, directions, warnings and information on local availability, and to order products locally for pickup or delivery. The iBudtender business platform for dispensary owners, delivery services owners and manufacturers is designed to increase business as well as promote data sharing in an effort to help patients find the best and most effective products.